Huntington Beach Classes

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Classes are a great way to see what our space is like, meet some Makers and learn something on a specific topic such as: How to Get your Food Handlers License; the Latest Food Trends and what that means to the production line, sales opportunities and cost to produce; How to Pursue Funding for your Food Project, including by Kindustry (our very own incubator); the Tricks of the Trade for Scaling up Recipes; how to go about setting up a Kosher Kitchen, and; Packaging, How to Improve your Shelf Presence while not breaking the bank and staying within USDA parameters.

Anyone is welcome to join a class: Makers, foodies, curiosity seekers, come all. It can be a great way to dip your finger into the batter of what the Kitchen Nation experience is like. Become a Member and get tickets for two as well as for an event, a gift basket and other perks that make it a worthy investment.

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