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Food Handler’s License in California – How To Get One

An Overview of the processes, costs and training to get a food handler’s license in California

What is a food handler’s license?

Who needs one?
How To Get One.

A food handler’s license (in California it’s called a Food Handler Card or CFH Card) certifies that the food handler has received instruction “in food safety, hygiene and the prevention of foodborne illnesses.” You’ll need a CFH card if you want to work in a food facility having to do with the preparing, storing or serving of food.

Get a CFH Card by attending, either in person or on the web, an accredited organization. The training will take at least three hours and will include an exam of 40 questions. The cost is approximately ten dollars. Below is a list of accredited organizations in Los Angeles.

Your CFH Card is valid for 3 years and you can use it for work in more than one facility.

If you don’t already have a CFH Card, you’ll need to get one within 30 days from the day you are hired.

Additional information for getting a Food Handlers Card in California: