Frequently Asked Questions

To rent space in a Kitchen Nation kitchen, do I need to have a food handler’s license?

Yes, you, and any of your employees who might touch the food will need a license. These licenses vary from state to state and can be called different things. See our blog post to learn more about how to get the correct license for your production. Read the blog post >

How can I find out if your space is right for my production/product?

Read through the site, send an email with a specific question, sign up for a tour, or make an appointment with a consultant. Kitchen Nation offers a full range of services to help you decide if we are the right space for you and even to develop a schedule, set you up with ancillary services such as our co-op buying program and perhaps even meet with a food scientist to extend the shelf life of your product. Consulting comes with a fee, but all the rest of those options are free. Send a question or request a tour >

Do you have Kosher or Gluten Free Kitchens?

The short answer is yes. All types of specialty kitchens are available and we currently host both of the specialties and others too. They require a commitment as the set up demands private access and a host of specialized considerations be put in place. Send word and let’s talk about how we can best serve your needs >

What are the benefits of membership and who can join?

Membership is open to everyone. You don’t have to be a Maker to be a Member. Whether you want to get a great deal on a couple of tickets to events and classes, participate in our co-operative buying program, or rent space for your next event or film shoot, Kitchen Nation membership is for you. Read more about the benefits here >