About Us

Kitchen Nation is a national brand that serves the artisanal food industry in an inspirational and highly profitable way.

We provide rental facilities, an incubator program (Kindustry), and a tricked-out, value add space for Makers across the country to realize their most delicious dreams.

Kitchen Nation is a communal gathering place foodies come not only to produce their unique recipe, but even more importantly, to be part of a greater community and acquire the skill to successfully introduce and escalate their products to market. Find our kitchens located in cities innovating in the food scene that also represent regional buying hubs for retail.


  • 24/7
  • USDA Certified & Kosher
  • Gluten-free kitchens
  • Private spaces available
  • Automation equipment
  • Packaging equipment
  • Bottling machinery
  • Dry, cold, freezer storage
  • Communal buying power
  • Licensed workers


  • Recipe refinement
  • Food scientists
  • Shelf life engineering
  • Packaging design
  • Marketing support
  • Web site development
  • Relationship cultivation
  • Sales introductions
  • Sales staff training
  • Receptionist services


For those deserving few who are invited to join Kindustry, our incubator and accelerator program, we are the complete package of value-add consulting that no other food incubator is able to successfully execute. At Kindustry, we polish, promote and provide pivotal introductions. We take a front row seat to the most innovative food products at the ground level and take a vested interest in their success.


We teach classes in our picture perfect show kitchen, host chef tastings at our long-table gathering space, and throw food focused parties where people share and mingle… even sell Makers’ goods from our retail shelves. We have created a self-sustaining, high profit-model, in-demand, foodie-idea generating machine that places Kitchen Nation at the vortex of great ideas, vetted concepts and hungry mega-chains looking for the next best thing. where the goods get fully baked